Be More Energy-Efficient This Winter

Energy-Efficient Shades

Be Energy-Efficient this Winter

The colder months are upon us here in Michigan, with that comes a plethora of changes. Hot chocolates, teas, and coffees will begin to replace iced drinks of the summer. Long fluffy coats will soon be covering the once bare and tanned arms of passersby. And the “up” button on thermostats across Michigan households… They’ll once again become a dinnertime topic of who is allowed to touch it.

While there are plenty of jokes made about “thermostat wars” in the house, it’s always important to know how to keep your costs low during the winter, especially when gas prices are higher than normal. One big way is to ensure your home is energy-efficient.

Keeping your Home Energy-Efficient Through the Cold

Combatting the cold air and the high gas prices may seem like an impossible feat but here are some ways to keep your home energy efficient this winter:

Use a Programmable Thermostat and Keep Temperatures Low- 68º is the recommended temperature for homes during the winter, but you don’t need the house to be at 68º all the time. Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to set lower temps for when you’re away at work or through the night while you’re sleeping. That way you don’t have to worry about remembering to change the temperature.

Keep Up your Furnace- Make sure you’re getting regular tune-ups, changing the air filters, and cleaning the vents on your furnace. Not only does this help air move through your home more efficiently, but also helps your furnace live a longer life.

Furniture and Fireplaces- These may seem common sense but doing these two simple things will help keep your home feeling cozy and warm. First, keep the flue to your fireplace closed (if you have one). It’s a direct portal to the outside winter air, but please make sure to open it for your Holiday fires. Secondly, move your furniture that may be covering up any vents, this helps the warm air better circulate through your home and keep pressure through the home balanced.

Insulate Windows, Doors, and Pipes- Utilize caulk and weatherstripping to add insulation and seal air leaks around doors, windows, and pipes. Door sweeps can be installed on doors leading outside where drafts may come in through the bottom.

Take Advantage of Window Coverings- During the day raise your window shades and throw back the curtains, allowing the warm sunlight to warm your home. At night drop the shades and close the curtains so the heat stays in. Make sure you’re using the right shades to ensure the cold air stays out.

These are just a few ways to keep your home comfortable and costs low during this winter season. Now let’s talk about where to find window coverings that help regulate the temperature of your home.

Finding Energy-Efficient Window Coverings

Inside Views provides a wide variety of energy-efficient window covering options. Our top performer is our honeycomb shades. The insulating cell construction helps restrict the outside air, keeping both you and your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. There is a blackout option that allows for even more efficiency during the summer.

We can help you choose the best energy-efficient style and fit for your home, with a simple and free in-home consultation. We bring the options to you so you can see for yourself how they look, feel and work. If you’re interested in increasing your home’s energy efficiency this winter or just want to learn more, give us a call, our experienced team will guide you through all facets of your window transformation.

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